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Sportstiks® Tattoos

Sportstiks® Tattoos were developed as a complete solution to bodymarking competitors.  Before the creation of Sportstiks® Tattoos, the choices were either hand marking with a pen or applying individual number tattoos.

Pen marking, although cheap is very basic, time consuming, not always clear and gives no opportunity for sponsorship. Individual tattoos rely on the competitor to position their number/age ID correctly and can be easily mislaid.  Sportstiks® Tattoos are supplied complete with all elements on a single sheet.

From a competitor point of view, they are easy to apply, give a professional look and feel and enable easy identification for photography/supporters etc.  They are long lasting, so the competitor can wear a "badge of honour" for several days after an event. (Not unreasonable when you have trained so hard!)

From a race organisers point of view, they are supplied as a single sheet, removing collation issues but giving the event a professional look. They can be sent out to competitors pre-race. They are cost-effective as clear sponsor logos that stay in place and are easier to sell on.  The unique design makes them suitable for all skin tones, so everyone can be easily identified.

For the sponsors point of view, they get a clear full colour logo positioned either above or below the number, which will remain in place until physically removed.

Sportstiks® Tattoos are suitable for skin and wetsuits. They are flexible so they will stretch and move with the body.  They can be cleaned off after the event with baby oil.

Sportstiks Tattoo preparing to apply.
Applying Tattoo
Sticking on the Sportstiks Tattoo
Sportstiks Tattoo Applied Picture
QR Code on Sportstiks Tattoo
Scanning QR code on Tattoo

Sportstiks® Tattoos are:

  • An easy to apply 1 piece transfer
  • Clear professional identification
  • Supplied as sets if required to remove collation issues
  • Sponsors logos in full colour
  • Advanced design
  • Unique design means suitable for all skin tones
  • Suitable for skin and wetsuits
  • Affordable & flexible
  • Can be personalised to suit requirements
  • Age group numbering included for tri-athletes
  • Cost effective solution
  • Long lasting and hard wearing
  • Waterproof


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